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Valentine Gift Ideas For Star Wars Lovers

  • Karen Batista
  • 23 January

For Star Wars fans, the only thing that exerts a greater force over them than the franchise itself is the force of love, and for them, love has a broader meaning than just romantic love, though that’s important, too.

The stories of the Star Wars universe speak of the love between friends, parent and child, and student and master, as well as the love between sweethearts.

In light of this, whether you’re trying to celebrate the love between lovers or the love between lifelong friends this Valentine’s Day, you’re sure to find gifts for Star Wars lovers that express that love profoundly.

  1. The Mandalorian™ - Brothers in Arms
  2. On the Run Thomas Kinkade Studios®
  3. The Mandalorian™ - A New Direction
  4. The Mandalorian™ - Two for the Road
  5. Star Wars Full Collection Set of 5

1. The Mandalorian™ - Brothers in Arms

In the piece The Mandalorian™ - Brothers in Arms by Thomas Kinkade Studios® and Monte Moore, SW fans witness the brotherly love that two bounty hunters, Boba Fett™ and Din Djarin™ have for Mando and his young charge Grogu™.

In this piece, the bounty hunters conspire to save Grogu™ from Moff Gideon™. It’s one of the Star Wars paintings on canvas that we never get tired of looking at.

2. On the Run

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” there was a brother Luke and sister Leia that movie-going audiences fell in love with at first sight. In this epic piece of Star Wars art, we witness Luke Skywalker’s™ and Princess Leia’s™ heroic swing across a deep cavern in an Imperial Starship.

In this scene, they had just met and didn’t know they were brother and sister. However, the strength of their love and affection for each other had already begun to reveal itself.

3. The Mandalorian™ - A New Direction

Like all great Star Wars paintings on canvas, The Mandalorian™ - A New Direction by Thomas Kinkade Studios® reveals a bit more about the mysterious Mando and his love and affection for his adoptive son, Grogu™.

This piece of SW art captures the moment after the pair’s encounter with Clan Kryze™.

4. The Mandalorian™ - Two for the Road

SW fans can’t get enough of the sweet moments between Mando and Grogu™, and few Star Wars paintings capture those innocent moments, as well as The Mandalorian™ - Two for the Road by Thomas Kinkade Studios®.

The boys have hit the road again, and as usual, Mando tries to distract Grogu™ from the mischief that the young charge’s curiosity inspires. As far as gifts for Star Wars lovers go, this counts as one of the sweetest!

5. Star Wars Full Collection Set of 5

This set of five pieces of Star Wars art is the Valentine’s Day gift you give the Star Wars fan to end all Star Wars fans. It features five Star Wars paintings on canvas.

The pieces feature some of the most iconic images from the series. They’re sure to inspire a renewed love for the series this Valentine’s Day!

Choose Great Gifts For Star Wars Lovers on V-Day

If there’s one thing the SW universe has taught fans, love comes in many different forms. As these pieces demonstrate, it’s possible to celebrate more than just romantic love come February 14th.

Whether you're getting a gift for your favorite Padawan or looking for something that expresses the Force of the love between you and your spouse, we have you covered. So why not choose a piece or two for your best loves this V-Day?

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