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Customer Service

Our knowledgeable Customer Service team will do their best to answer any questions you might have.

How can I receive a full catalog?

You can request a catalog by filling out the form on our Catalog page. We’ll be sure to add you onto our list right away!

Where can I register my product?

Please visit and fill out the accompanied form. Thanks!

Do you have any stores or galleries where I can view your products?

At this time, the Art of Entertainment brand does not have any galleries or stores. The artwork by Thomas Kinkade Studios does have a presence at galleries across the US. Visit and select their gallery locator to find the one closest to you!

What is Limited Edition art?

Limited Edition (LE) art comes from a small run of individually numbered reproductions. They are more rare by nature, which makes them well suited for collecting. Typically, Art of Entertainment carries the Standard Numbered (SN) Edition, which comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. All of our Limited Edition art has the highest quality materials and reproduction techniques, providing the closest match to the artist’s original. They are printed on premium paper or canvas with high-resolution inkjet Giclee printers and have a variety of frame choices. Enjoy!