Authorized Entertainment Art Superstore

Our Story

Art of Entertainment® was established to showcase our artists’ renditions from your favorite movies, characters and stories. We wondered, “How can we find a place for all of these artists and styles to co-exist together?” The answer is Art of Entertainment®, a one-stop-shop for movie fans, entertainment geeks, art lovers and home decor aficionados.

We started with a vision and follow these brand values:

1. Expression

We believe art is for everyone. We all deserve a form of expression that taps into our self identity and shows what we care about.

2. Quality

It takes a lot of work and talent to make art. We do it justice by creating high-quality replications that are suitable for any space in your home. Read more here about Our Quality.

3. Service

As a customer-focused business, we serve your needs and will help you find the best solutions for your budget and taste. Our Customer Care team is readily available by phone and email. Additionally, we offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy and free shipping over $99.

We love entertainment and we know you do too! We’re continually adding to our selection so you can cherish classic entertainment and take pleasure in the latest trending releases.

Here’s our art focus:

1. Classic Animated Movies

Our artists have captured the essence of classic animated feature films and reimagined them for you to enjoy.

2. Modern Super Heroes

The glory and strength from popular super hero franchises are shown in our artists’ bold interpretations.

3. Cinematic Gems

We’re highlighting both the Golden Age of American cinema and the modernized stories of our era by paying tribute to these iconic movies.

4. American Lifestyle Destinations

The appeal of adventure and significance of timeless estates are represented in our artists’ fascinating depictions.