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Our Favorite Disney Couples For Love Season

  • Karen Batista
  • 23 January

This Valentine's Day, celebrate love by decorating your home with the iconic couples of Disney. Art Of Entertainment has captured these classic moments on canvas in a beautiful and romantic collection of Disney home decor featuring fan-favorite characters. 

Iconic Disney Couples' Paintings To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Mickey & Minnie Sweetheart Collection

When it comes to memorable Disney lovers, Mickey and Minnie are perennial favorites.

The two talking mice made their first historic debut as a couple in 1928.

So naturally, it's difficult to recommend just one painting of these timeless lovebirds, so we invite you to explore our entire collection to discover a depiction of the dynamic duo that speaks to you.

Disney Mulan Blossoms of Love - Canvas Classics

Mulan and Shang are the ultimate power couple to celebrate with a limited-edition Thomas Kinkade Studios painting this Valentine's Day.

After disguising herself as a man to join the Chinese army under the threat of death, our favorite fearless warrior ultimately falls in love with Captain Shang while saving her beloved country from the Huns.

Of course, Mulan's granny thinks he's a keeper, so what's not to love about this couple? 

Disney Rapunzel Dancing in the Sunlit Courtyard - Brushworks

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's love story will stand the test of time.

An unlikely pair, these two teach us never to let anyone define our fate as they battle through heartache and misunderstanding while on their journey.

The iconic scene of the two dancing in the sunlit courtyard of the Corona Castle together is nothing short of magical and deserves its painting to immortalize the moment.

Disney The Princess and the Frog - Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Tiana and Prince Laveen are shining examples of what it looks like to follow your dreams and not give up hope for true love.

Even when all odds are against them, these two bravely fight for one another and win each other's trust.

Their inspiring story of romance and the prince's character growth throughout the tale will surely fill you with hope this Valentine's Day, making this painting a must-have. 

Disney Frozen - Limited Edition Canvas

After escaping from an abusive relationship with the man who willfully endangered her and her sister, audience members collectively breathe a sigh of relief when Anna begins dating the goofy-but-wholesome Kristoff, who remains by her side during the arduous journey to save Elsa.

Although he might not be the storybook-style Prince Charming she always dreamed of marrying, she learns that true love offers much more than grandiose gestures or charismatic first impressions.

This Disney couple and their adorable reindeer and snowman companions are undoubtedly worth framing on your wall.

Romantic Disney Princess Art For You

At Art of Entertainment, we capture timeless fairytale romances in stunning sculptures, canvas paintings, and limited-edition Disney art prints available for shipment nationwide.

Browse our vast inventory today to see all that we have to offer.

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