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5 Man Cave Decor Ideas

  • Karen Batista
  • 19 December

Once upon a time, the average man cave came complete with a rickety TV set in the midst of an unfinished basement. How times have changed! As far as man cave ideas go, options exist like never before.

The modern man cave often features pop culture canvas art, a big-screen TV, a food and beverage bar, and plenty of comfy recliners. From NASCAR art to Elvis paintings, here are some of the best ideas for man cave decor to soup up your space!

  1. The King of Rock and Roll by Blend Cota Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
  2. NASCAR® Thunder Limited Edition Canvas (SN - Standard Numbered)
  3. Batman Light Up Sign
  4. Graceland®, 50th Anniversary 12.5 Serving Trays
  5. Superman™ 10" x 10" Metal Box Art

1. Thrill In The King of Rock And Roll By Blend Cota Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

It doesn’t get much cooler than a little Elvis Presley. This Elvis painting by Blend Cota features vibrant, splashy brushstrokes painted in Cota’s signature street-smart style. The piece perfectly exudes the freedom and vitality of an afternoon motorcycle ride with the King. It’s the ultimate in man cave wall decor!

2. NASCAR® Thunder Limited Edition Canvas Does Laps Around The Room

Man cave wall decor doesn’t get much more man cave-ish than this stunning NASCAR® Thunder painting by Thomas Kinkade Studios®. You can practically feel the vibrations of the cars beneath your feet and the crowd's roar in your ears. The piece features the kinds of details you’ve come to expect from TKS, from the boy in the red jacket in the upper left-hand corner to the line of cars on the track. It’s a must-have for all race car fans!

3. The Batman Light Up Sign Shows Off The Dark Knight

All good man cave wall decor needs a stylin’ light to highlight it, and there’s no better way to light up the night than with the bat signal itself. This light-up Batman sign by Art of Entertainment features the Batman logo in the center and is situated in a six-plus-inch frame. You can almost hear the Dark Knight himself say, “Light it up!”

4. Graceland® 50th Anniversary 12.5 Serving Trays 

Imbue your snack bar with a bit of Graceland cool with these Graceland® 50th Anniversary serving trays. The bottom part of the serving tray resembles an old 33 record, with a painting of Graceland by Thomas Kinkade Studios® as the record label. It’s perfect for serving hot and cold drinks on game day. The trays also make a great alternative to traditional art prints. Just hang them up on the wall to store between uses.

5. Superman™ Metal Box Art Saves The Day

This Superman™ 10" x 10" Metal Box Art by Lisa Lopuck features a Pop Art painting style printed on a metal box. You can't go wrong with this piece if your man cave ideas include a more industrial vibe.  

Style Your Man Cave With Bold Decor

The modern man cave has come into its own in recent years. It went from being a corner in the basement to a decked-out mini palace of "mandom." It’s a place of not only relaxation and fun but individual style. The best man cave wall decor reflects that from the pop culture canvas art pieces featuring the King of Rock and Roll to superhero-inspired lighting. 

If you’re looking for ideas for your man cave, browse our selection. You’ll find everything from Elvis paintings to zoomin’ NASCAR art to individualize your space!

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