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Fine Art For An Alice in Wonderland Aesthetic

  • Karen Batista
  • 23 January

For Alice in Wonderland fans, the Alice stories equal unbridled fun and freedom. Art Of Entertainment offer collectors like you a fun way to bring all the madness of the tea party into your world without completely turning it upside down! Few things better reflect your feelings of nostalgia and wonder than some excellent Alice in Wonderland art and collectibles.

  1. Disney Mad Hatter's Tea Party
  2. Alice and Queen of Hearts - Sculpture
  3. Disney Alice in Wonderland - Jewel Edition
  4. A Date with Wonderland

1. Disney Mad Hatter's Tea Party

No themed room can do without a visual homage to the foodie fest that started it all, and the Disney Mad Hatter's Tea Party by Thomas Kinkade Studios® captures the moment beautifully. This explosion of color and dilapidated dishes practically jumps off the canvas. All of Alice’s favorite friends (and then some) have shown up to kick off this whimsical adventure.

  • Chesire Cat
  • White Rabbit
  • Mad Hatter
  • March Hare
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • Caterpillar

2. Alice and Queen of Hearts - Sculpture

The rooms with the most complete Wonderland aesthetic include both 2D and 3D Alice in Wonderland art, and the Alice and Queen of Hearts Sculpture by Jim Shore makes adding the 3D element to the mix as easy as strawberry tarts. This handpainted beauty stands just 8” high and lends your collection of Disney fine art a bit of folksy authenticity.

3. Disney Alice in Wonderland - Jewel Edition

Some pieces of Disney fine art are nothing short of jewels, and the Disney Alice in Wonderland painting by Thomas Kinkade Studios® counts among them. It features our heroine peering into the water, not knowing that beneath the river’s calm facade waits for her adventures underground. The TK Jewel Editions feature jewel dust on select portions of the canvas, adding an air of wonder to any whimsical aesthetic.

4. A Date with Wonderland

This piece of art by Trevor Carlton feels like an old movie poster. It features the vintage art style from the Disney classic and the inscription “Au pays des Merveilles.” It measures 17” X 11”, making it an ideal centerpiece for any gallery. Only 1500 prints were made of this limited-edition piece, making it a true collectible at home in any room featuring a Wonderland aesthetic.

Create Your Perfect Wonderland Aesthetic Today!

Few stories have the raucous joy-inducing qualities that this one has. So it isn’t any wonder that so many people love creating their particular corner when creating a room filled with Disney fine art. And with these charming pieces, you’ll be in your version of the rabbit hole in no time. If you love Alice in Wonderland, then take a peek at Art of Entertainment's whimsical collection of Alice paintings and sculptures!

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