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Mando is Here! - New Release - The Mandalorian - Turning Point

  • Hilary Davidson
  • 26 October

For the first time ever, Thomas Kinkade Studios has collaborated with sci-fi / fantasy artist, Monte Moore, to create a series of paintings that capture iconic scenes from The Mandalorian™. Each chapter from the live-action space western has a unique painting that conveys the mood and emotion from the Mandalorian’s adventures. In this post, we’ll highlight the features and backstory in the painting, Turning Point by Monte Moore. This colorful rendition displays the most surprising reveal in the series and sets the tone for the remaining chapters in season one.


What is the Turning Point?

It’s almost indescribable. It’s that moment in time when your heart shifts and intuition takes over. In this case, as soon as Mando saw The Child he knew there was something special about him. He quickly defied bounty orders and protected The Child from the assassin droid, IG-11. In the moments thereafter, there was an almost instantaneous connection between Mando and The Child, one of fatherly love and devotion.

Study the Painting

Striking shadows, beams of light, and hues of warmth radiate throughout Turning Point. On one side of the painting we see the decimated droid, streaming from the Mando’s Amban phase-pulse blaster. On the other, we see the innocence of The Child floating in his crib. The Mandalorian’s armored clothing is juxtaposed against the illumination from behind, making his stature even more prominent. The archway of the building and near-touching fingertips give a nod to Renaissance artwork like The Creation of Adam, adding classical influence to a modern storyline.

Turning Point - Limited Edition Paper

How Can I Display the Turning Point?

We recognize the immediate cult status of The Mandalorian™ and have made art reproductions in a variety of wall art categories for gifting or for you! You can order the Turning Point as a Standard Art Print, Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Canvas Classic or Metal Box. Additionally, there are smaller runs of Limited Edition Canvas and Limited Edition Paper that use our highest quality reproduction techniques.

If you have the chance, send Art of Entertainment photos of The Mandalorian™ on your wall! We’d love to celebrate this special collaboration and share your fan appreciation with our following. Email or submit a photo with your product review. Thank you!

-Art of Entertainment

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