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Tikal Stone Accent & The Force

  • A. L. Frost
  • 29 October

When curating art and décor for your home our ideals focus on mixing aesthetics, style and experiences in a composed and balanced way.  We illustrate this by helping you to imagine bringing back the feeling you had while watching your first Star Wars film on the big screen. Or perhaps the sense of awe you felt while on a getaway exploring in the jungles of Guatemala and realizing you stumbled onto an epic filming location. By adding these elements into your personal décor it's all about balance, experiences and style.  

Shown above: Tikal Pyramid - Sculpture placed next to Rey of Hope

Our Tikal Stone Accent piece is a subtle nod to The Great Temple in Yavin 4 from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The filming location for the unforgettable battle was shot at the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala back in 1977 and was also referenced again more recently in 2015 in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Shown above: Tikal, Guatemala (filming location in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode VII)

While sourcing products this piece was a must have to complement our grouping of Star Wars art. The Tikal Stone Accent piece with its clean lines and muted colors is a special addition to our collection and is a tangible reminder that The Force is with you. Pairing this stone accent piece with one of our Star Wars art pieces is a perfectly classy way to add elements like these to keep The Force alive in your home. These types of pieces give life to the feelings and memories that have and will continue to help craft your life.

Shown above: Tikal Pyramid - Sculpture

Whether gaining inspiration globe-trekking or scouring marketplaces to find the perfect offerings that pair with our art, it is our mission to bring these unique décor inspirations and pieces into our mix for you to collect and enjoy for years to come. Happy shopping and may The Force be with you!

-A. L. Frost
Content Writer at Art of Entertainment

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