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Finding Delight in the Details - Featured Artist - Eric Dowdle

  • Hilary Davidson
  • 07 October

Known to many for his exotic travels and love of family, Eric Dowdle is an accomplished folk artist with a unique charm and style. He has been painting for over twenty years and honed his talent when he shifted from painting realism to folk art. Within this genre he discovered the ability to tell a story, which matched well with his desire to illustrate the tales and comedic antics from his childhood. The two-dimensional illustration style provided the form and aesthetic that allowed him to breathe life into his work, quickly becoming distinguished for small details, hidden gems and the ability to capture people in their environments.

Shown above: Mickey and Friends Exploring the Jungle by Eric Dowdle

Entertainment Folk Art
In the world of entertainment, Eric Dowdle has made a lasting impression with his presentation of popular Disney scenes. He has taken remarkable moments and expanded them into fully conceived fine art panoramas, all in his signature Disney Dowdle style. The tone, expression and characters are carefully planned out to playfully represent the movies we’ve come to treasure.

Shown above: Vignettes from Snow White Dancing with the Dwarfs by Eric Dowdle

Our Favorite Qualities
What we find to be the most remarkable quality in Eric’s work is his ability to capture details and make them exceptional. As we’ve looked over every inch of his art, we found ourselves giggling and asking, “Have you seen those adorable squirrels on the staircase?” The little things seem to be the most interesting conversation starters and help remind us why these panoramic narratives are so important. A movie such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs shows us the importance of having genuine friends and cherishing your inner beauty. In Eric Dowdle’s painting, Snow White Dancing With the Dwarfs, that message comes across in his lively and expressive folk art rendition. We couldn’t be happier with his collection of artwork and hope that it sparks endless hours of entertainment for you and your family.

-Art of Entertainment

Shown above: Vignette from Snow White Dancing with the Dwarfs by Eric Dowdle

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