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Jared's Over The Top Review of The Women of DC!

  • J. Ellis
  • 08 December

Art of Entertainment is proud to showcase a new collection of your favorite comic book bombshells illustrated by Matt Haley in digital pop art format. Every piece in this brilliantly beautiful collection will arrest your imagination and assault your senses. But it is Haley’s eye for the finer details that brings these leading ladies and Femme Fatales to life. Each one of these pieces are packed with personality, full of questionable intentions, armed with strength, and rife with mischief. 

Matt Haley’s unique ability to perfectly illustrate superhero characters poised for action in a penciled still frame was just the beginning. After capturing the attention of Stan Lee, Marvel, and DC Comics, Haley’s work launched him into hyper speed as a cover colorist, penciler, inker, and artist. Although he is best known for his comic book art, his talents kicked open the door and paved the way for him to work in television and even directed the Star Wars fan film, Blackstar Warrior.

Shown above: Batgirl by Matt Haley in Brushed Silver Frame

BatgirlDon’t be fooled by her pretty profile. Through the back alleys of Gotham, lean and athletic, she disperses devastating blows to the corrupt and compromised to rid the city of danger.

What we like best about Batgirl… Check out her firmly set forearm. She is prepared for an all-out martial arts assault! With every flip of her gleaming blue cape, she lays waste to entire crime syndicates and those hellbent on terrorizing Gotham.

Shown above: Harley Quinn by Matt Haley in Brushed Silver Frame.

Harley Quinn—At one time, Dr. Quinzel was a psychologist attempting to help mend the minds of those in Arkham Asylum. However, her curiosity proved to be more powerful than her mind causing a head over heals obsession with The Joker. 

What makes this piece pop? It’s Quinn’s toothy, sinister, stop-at-nothing smile. It stands in stark contrast to her somewhat schoolgirl appearance, pigtails and all. The diamond in the backdrop sends the not-so-subtle message that she is “Joker’s Girl.” As for the mallet? Quinn looks ready to do some serious damage to anything or anyone who stands in her way of her and her love interest.

Shown above: Wonder Woman by Matt Haley in Brushed Silver Frame.

Wonder Woman—The Amazonian Princess has been a fan favorite for decades.

Why Wonder Woman? That’s easy, because she is everything we love about Superman, only in female form. Though she is typically wielding her Lasso of Truth, in this illustration Haley focuses on beauty and biceps over props and powers. This piece encapsulates fierce femininity, sheer determination, and fists full of justice ready to be delivered.

Shown above: Catwoman by Matt Haley in Brushed Silver Frame.

CatwomanDon’t back this kitty into a corner unless you want your eyes scratched out. She is slick, seductive, and she always lands on her feet.

Nine Lives? More like Nine Ways to Pick Your Pocket: Gotham’s most famous cat burglar has a shady origin story that is easily pieced together from Haley’s rendition. Yet, somehow she always toes the line between good and evil, seductive and serious. Most notable in this piece is the beam of light that is emerging. It is obviously the vain efforts of an ill-equipped security detail that finds itself always one step behind.

Shown above: Poison Ivy by Matt Haley in Brushed Silver Frame.

Poison Ivy—You don’t want to get tangled up with her. As innocent as she may seem, her tender touch will dispatch toxins and mind-controlling pheromones that render her victims powerless. Her power to control all of plant life using only her mind makes her a formidable enemy. 

Why She Is Perfectly Poisonous: She appears to be harmless due to her lackadaisical pose. But notice her shifty green eyes. They are meticulously scanning her environment, slowly extending her coyly stems to choke out her enemies. Don’t be fooled; she is plotting the demise of all mankind. There is nothing this egocentric ecoterrorist wants more.

Shown above: Supergirl by Matt Haley in Brushed Silver Frame.

Supergirl—This is the free-spirited, often careless, but eternally optimistic superhero teen that fans have loved for years. She possesses all the powers of her older cousin, the Man of Steel, except for the art of diplomacy.

The Hair Says it All: Her rogue and rebellious nature can be clearly seen in this depiction. Like any self-interested teenage girl, she is stuck in this new world and still trying to figure out who she is. But you can count on two things; she’ll protect and serve the citizens of Metropolis and she’ll make sure she looks good while she does it. It’s kind of like she posed for this, “Make sure you get my good side.”

Although you’ve seen all these characters before, what Haley has done with them shows his incredible intuition, by blending many of the old costume features and physical characteristics with some of the new. So no matter what era of superhero comics you enjoy, this collection has it all; bright, beautiful, and bounding with history and authenticity. These are the women of comic book history illustrated in digital pop art by a true comic legend.

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