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Two New Releases in the Marvel Collection!

  • Hilary Davidson
  • 14 December

Art of Entertainment recently released the fourth and fifth art titles in the Marvel collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios. These two pieces feature iconic characters, Captain Marvel and Captain America. Read the Art Notes and Key Points below to learn more about the paintings and the background of the characters in each piece. 

Captain Marvel - Dawn of a New Day

Captain Marvel – Dawn of A New Day


The morning sun dawns on a new day amplifying the glowing power emanating from Captain Marvel’s hands as she watches over the desert base. The flight patterns of the jets leave illuminated contrails in the morning sky. Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, stands at the ready to join her hero, Captain Marvel, to battle any enemy, who may try something untoward. As their red sashes flow gracefully in the desert breeze, Goose the Cat rubs the leg of Nick Fury who has sensed a potential danger. Is that Skrulls we see, or is it Kree, or maybe both?!


  • Captain Marvel – Dawn of a New Day is the fourth Limited Edition Art release in the Marvel Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios. Previous titles in the series include Spider-man vs. the Sinister Six, Black Panther, and The Avengers.
  • Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is a United States Air Force fighter pilot. Carol Danvers was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, first appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in 1968. She became the first Ms. Marvel in 1977 and assumed the mantel of Captain Marvel in 2012.
  • Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, was introduced in the 2013 comic book Captain Marvel #14. Amongst her many superpowers, she can extend her limbs and alter her appearance by shifting shape.
  • Nick Fury was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the 1963 comic book Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1 and fought alongside Captain America in World War II.
  • Can you find the Skrulls and Kree hiding in this painting, ready to strike? Stan Lee and Jack Kirby also created both species. 


Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty
Captain America – Sentinel of Liberty


Lighthouses have stood along the coasts to protect sailing ships from the dangers of the rocky shores. The Avengers are Earth’s heroes that stand as the first line of defense against the powerful threats in the universe, and Captain America is our untiring sentinel of liberty.

On the shore’s rocky outcrop, Captain America has positioned himself ready to battle Red Skull and his Hydra henchmen, who are approaching the coast in submarines. Viper has emerged from her rocky hiding place to surprise our hero and aid Red Skull in making landfall. Unbeknownst to Viper, Falcon has taken wing to assist Captain America in thwarting Red Skull’s attack. The mysterious Winter Soldier stealthily clings to the cliff, ready to strike their shared enemy. Thomas Kinkade Studios proudly presents its new Marvel Comics collaboration Captain America – Sentinel of Liberty.


  • Captain America is the fifth Limited Edition Art release in the Marvel Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios. The previous four titles include Spider-man vs. the Sinister Six, Black Panther, The Avengers, and Captain Marvel – Dawn of a New Day.
  • Did you know Captain America’s birthday is the Fourth of July?
  • Falcon (Samuel Thomas Wilson), along with Black Panther, is among the first group of African-American super heroes in mainstream comics. He was introduced by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in Captain America #117 (September 1969).
  • Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and introduced to comic book fans in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941), Red Skull became one of Earth’s most dangerous threats and one of Captain America’s greatest enemies.
  • Viper, also known as Madame Hydra, joined the subversive organization as one of its first few female agents.
  • Steve Rogers’ childhood friend and Captain America’s original sidekick Bucky Barnes was brainwashed into becoming an assassin, the Winter Soldier, who eventually targeted and killed Red Skull under the orders of Soviet General Aleksander Lukin.
  • The coastal setting of this painting, including the lighthouse in the background, is an iconic part of traditional Thomas Kinkade Studios Seascapes. However, the seas in this painting are anything but tranquil, a problem that Captain America will soon remedy.

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