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AOE In Your Home: Creating A Home Theater

  • Amy White
  • 25 November

With spending most of our waking hours at home these days, what better time than now to create your very own home theater!? Besides the obvious essentials you’ll need, like a dedicated space for your home theater, a streaming device of some sort and a screen, we are here to help recommend a few tips to create a deliciously fun home theater that is all your own.

Whether you have a small space to work with or have a large renovation planned, we are here to help create your own comfy, cozy and cool home theater.

Here’s how to get started:

Find the three C’s – cozy, comfy and cool. The first step is to set a cozy mood and then fill your space with comfy, cool pieces. Investing in your favorite artwork to get a movie theater feel is the perfect way to embellish your space and give it an at-home movie theater vibe. Cool lighting and accessories make a room cozy, and furniture, pillows and throws that are comfy and cool will make your at-home movie theater just the place you want to be.

Artwork – Select, purchase and hang your favorite animated classic artwork. We have plenty of amazing options in all sorts of sizes for you to choose from.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces that will help set the mood:

Follow The YELLOW BRICK ROAD - 14" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Model No: 64261 | $89.00

Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City - 14" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Model No: 54768 | $89.00

*Hot tip: Gallery wrapped canvases are super fun to collect and you can make really fun gallery wall collections of either the same or differing sizes!



Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman - Limited Edition Canvas (SN - Standard Numbered) 12 x 18 | Model No: 78728_62040 | $750


Beauty and the Beast Dancing in the Moonlight - Limited Edition Canvas 12 x 18 Model No: 80996_93427 | $750


Lighting - Cozy is a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation and lighting is the key element to get that ambiance.

By using cool and unique lamps you can really set the mood and get the perfect ambiance in your space:

Heliscope Floor & Table Lamp | Model No: 109016 & 109017 | $925 (floor lamp) & $475 (table lamp)


Accessories – Choose meaningful accessories to add to your home theatre like unique collectibles that help express characters and things that have special meaning to you.


Wonder Woman – Sculpture | Model No: 109067 | $87.95


Treble Clef – Sculpture | Model No: 109193 | $59.95


Furniture – When selecting furniture cover all the basics and find comfy, cozy, and cool pieces for your space.

How comfy, cozy and cool is this cute footstool?! Perfect for kicking up your feet and relaxing while watching your favorite movies. 

Soft Lamb Fur Footstool | Model No: 108999 | $475


Pillows and Throws – Fun pillows and throws make your home theatre inviting, comfy and uniquely yours. Add some of these to snuggle up with while watching your favorite classic film.

These pillows and throws are perfect way to complement the artwork on your walls:


Pom-Pom Pillows | Model No: 109040 (Burnt Orange) | $69.95 each


Desert Gold Chunky Knit Throw Blanket | Model No: 109070 | $99.95


Make it your own – by planning the layout, selecting & hanging your favorite artwork and adding dramatic or subtle touches your home theatre can scream (or whisper 😉 ) you!

Hot tips:

  • Use your favorite colors while planning

  • Accessorize with items you love

  • Splurge on your favorite entertainment artwork

Happy planning and be sure to DM us a pic of your space on Instagram @aoeshowcase!

-Art of Entertainment

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