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Geeky Christmas Decor Ideas You'll Love

  • Karen Batista
  • 28 November

Outside of that yearly ode-to-geekdom fan fest, ComicCon, geeky Christmas decor allows the nerd in all of us to let our inner geek out. It’s an excuse to find cool gifts that match our superhero wall art.

Fortunately, the nerdy designers who create geeky decor for die-hard fans turned their geeky tendencies into festive holiday gold. From Star Wars art stockings decorated with our favorite baby green alien to Elvis Presley tree toppers, these five nerdy Christmas decor pieces are a fun way to add sparkle to your holiday decorations.

1. Deck The Halls With Geeky Christmas Stockings

If you’re a superfan of characters like Superman, Mickey, Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz), and Elvis, a Christmas stocking adorned with your favorite character is right up your alley.

And don’t worry about trying to get the nail out of the mantel once you take the stockings down. There are Batman and Mickey Mouse stocking holders to keep your socks up all season long, no nails required.

2. Give The Gift Of Stunning Movie Collectibles

From The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, this memorable holiday has gone to the movies, and the season looks bright for entertainment fans nationwide. We offer several exciting movie collectibles that make perfect gifts or festive presents for yourself.

  • Enjoy the fun of Thomas Kinkade Studios’ take on A Christmas Story and Ralphie Parker.
  • Pick out a gorgeous stocking holder featuring Elsa 9, 122, 146); font-size: 16px; font-weight: normal;">Frozen.
  • Become the Dark Knight with a Batman stocking, complete with the Batman logo.
  • Complete the circle of life with The Lion King gallery-wrapped canvas.
  • Feel the magic with The Polar Express Santa’s Flight gallery-wrapped canvas.

3. Dazzle With Nutty Nutcracker Characters

You haven’t done Christmas until you’ve put a Tim Burton-inspired Cheshire Cat or a Yoda Santa nutcracker on your mantel. They’re the geeky Christmas decor you didn’t even know you needed, but trust us. You do!

What’s cool about these nutcrackers is that they take a Christmas tradition that nearly everyone knows about and loves and gives them a geeky Christmas twist.

4. Add Some Magic With Geeky Christmas Tree Toppers

A Santa tree topper always brings magic to your holiday tree. Want to know what brings more magic than Santa to your tree top? Yoda as Santa. A Yoda-dressed-as-Santa tree topper is like getting two great characters at Christmas for the price of one.

But Yoda’s not the only Star Wars character making a showing as a tree topper this season. Darth Vadar does, too, but if that’s a bit too Dark-Side-of-the-Force for your taste, Mickey’s ready and able to bring you some top-of-the-tree holiday cheer, too.

5.  Hang Up Some Comic Book Canvas Art for Christmas

The words “Deadpool” and “Christmas” naturally go together for the true geek at heart. All it takes is a little Deadpool flying through the falling snow to save the day to turn on a little Marvel this holiday season. Admittedly, it’s an edgy and slightly irreverent take on the Yuletide, but you wouldn’t expect less from Deadpool, right?

Enjoy Bold, Beautiful Holiday Decor Ideas

If you’re short a few Geeky Christmas decor ideas this season, give Art of Entertainment a look. You're sure to find something you love, from your favorite superheroes to cherished seasonal memories. Geeky holiday inspiration will bring seasonal magic to life in no time at all.

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