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6 Geeky Friendsgiving Gift Ideas

  • Karen Batista
  • 24 October

Do you need gift ideas for your BFF throwing a fabulous Friendsgiving? They typically spend their weekends at comic cons, throwing dice and playing video games. So what do you bring to the master geek when cooking is not your thing?

Feed the geek with a fantastic art print, puzzle, or home decor inspired by their favorite comic and movie heroes!

1. Light Up Their Bat Cave With A Colorful Sign

They always run to your aid when you are in need. So, they need a bat signal to hang in their gaming cave. The Batman Light Up Sign fits with modern decor as movie art while celebrating their love for the DC comic world.

  • The design features a contemporary wood frame.
  • It includes iconic symbols from their favorite comic. 
  • The six-hour timer turns off the bat signal. 

2. Celebrate the Arrival of a Child With A Metal Print

Did your friends welcome a new member to their family this year? A beautiful piece of Star Wars art may be the perfect gift when you are always sharing reactions to the latest Disney episode. They might squeal for joy when they unwrap a Mandalorian framed metal print and will proudly display it in the nursery or living room.

3. Solve A Mickey Mouse Puzzle Together

Part of every Friendsgiving is spending time together in person instead of snapping and sharing pics. Indulge in your mutual love for movie art by piecing together a jigsaw puzzle after the meal, like this Mickey Mouse Movie Reel. Since the Mouse has been around for nearly 100 years, every guest will enjoy adding a piece to this colorful canvas.

4. Get Geeky With Bold Marvel Wall Art And Designs

Would your BFF benefit from an epic collection of Marvel art? Remember when Spiderman helped form the ultimate alliance? What better way to celebrate and remember this special Friendsgiving than with a metal print? Of course, they won't want to wait to hang it next to the big screen and surround sound system. 

5. Bringing Together the Entire Cast In A Canvas Print

Not everyone around the table will have a love affair with comic book characters, but you all remember Saturday morning shows. A fun piece of pop culture art like this brings back your favorite phrases like, "What's up, doc?" Which character on the wrapped canvas print are you? This art piece is sure to be a fun conversation starter at the Friendsgiving table.

Fun pop art designs star some of your favorite characters from classic cartoons.

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Sylvester The Cat
  • Daffy Duck
  • Tweety
  • Porky Pig
  • And More! 

6. Reunite The Justice League With A Fun Print

When your crew gets together, does the conversation often steer toward comic books or the ongoing struggle against evil in our world? Celebrate your common interests with a stunning piece of superhero canvas art from DC with our bold, bright Justice League print. Having your team by your side is always trending, and this design features your favorite Justice League members united against crime.

Be The Hero Of The Party

You got this! Discover a world of fabulous gift ideas from Art of Entertainment this Friendsgiving season and see how you can make the season warm and wonderful with exciting gifts for anyone on your list. 

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