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Featured Artist: Blend Cota

  • Aidan Bradshaw
  • 12 April

Well known for his love for powerful color combinations and emotionally charged pop realism, Blend Cota has a passion for Colorism. He has a vast range of styles, from detailed realism to abstract concepts. His love of art has taken him on many journeys from where he studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Albania to becoming Art Director of Atelier America and Brushstrokes Fine Art, Inc. for over 13 years.

Who is Blend Cota?

Blend is an outdoors family man who resides in Canada after moving from Albania in 1998; specializing in colorful oil on canvas, professional photography and mural paintings. He is particularly inspired by Picasso and his “Blue Period,” whereby he displays bold blocks of color, free flowing shapes and daring creations. He enjoys nature in all its beauty, particularly hunting and fishing, and you can often find him exploring the outdoors with his wife and two children. Blend has always been interested in history and geography, so has therefore established a fascinating book collection and cover stories with an abundance of interesting facts from around the world.

What we find the most interesting about Blend’s work here at Art of Entertainment is his ability to incorporate such daring colors so delicately onto the canvas. He portrays the colors of alertness and danger in his most recent painting of Aquaman to signify the return of the Black Manta. Cota thought Jason Momoa was the perfect choice for the Aquaman role, given his qualities prototypical of the 'warrior archetype' and a considerable force to be reckoned with. The tones of green and blue display qualities of health, growth and balance of the oceans and position Aquaman as their heroic and admirable warrior. To us and to Blend Cota, color is such an integral part of any painting. How certain colors can signify an emotion or create a mood is so cleverly done by many artists, as explained in the Importance of the Color Blue blog post.

Aquaman by Blend Cota (Gallery Wrapped Canvas)

Cota likes to get the right combinations of colors that harmonize with one another and often places many colors on his palette to give himself an idea of what the final painting will look like. Each powerful color combination on the palette he considers to be a “painting on their own.”  He describes a blank canvas without color as a “virgin canvas” and believes that every time you see his artwork, the different colors should instill dissimilar views, perspectives and emotions, giving a “strong, happy and mini vacation” in your mind every time you see color. 

King of Rock and Roll by Blend Cota (Metal Box Art)

With a broad range spanning from The Dark Knight to an Elvis-themed King of Rock and Roll piece, there really is something for everyone in Blend Cota’s art. He’s even painted the Looney Tunes, which makes it the perfect time for us to say, “That’s All Folks!”


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