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Happy National Superhero Day!

  • Aidan Bradshaw
  • 28 April

Art of Entertainment - National Superhero Day 

Yes, it’s finally here, National Superhero Day! A big day in the calendar for any superhero fan, whether you’re team Marvel or team DC. More on that later...

When is National Superhero Day?

National Superhero Day occurs on April 28 every year and is a day for all of us, young or old, to celebrate our favorite superheroes!

What is National Superhero Day?

Dreamt up by Marvel in 1995, National Superhero Day was created as a way to celebrate some of our favorite fictional characters.

Now we’re certain that we at Art of Entertainment aren’t the only ones utterly obsessed with Marvel Superheroes?

Whether you’ve been a diehard fan since the days of the early comics, or if you’ve only recently fallen in love with the franchise after dedicating a weekend to binge watching all the films on Disney Plus it doesn’t matter, we’re all Marvelites now. And our fandom only strengthens as time goes on, the latest series - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier reminded us of why we love Marvel. (No spoilers please!)

At what point did you fall in love with the franchise?

Was it seeing Spiderman take on the Sinister Six?


Shown: Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six by Thomas Kinkade Studios
Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Or was it when you saw the Avengers rally together in the same room for the first time?

Shown: The Avengers by Thomas Kinkade Studios
Metal Box Art


We’ve got canvases for these iconic moments and many, many more illustrated by the wonderfully talented artists at the Thomas Kinkade Studios.

Marvel VS DC 

We know that not everyone is a Marvel addict, some loyalties lie in the DC Universe. 

And is it any wonder why?

The universe is full of larger than life characters like The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman or the Flash. There’s even an ongoing conflict between the Universe’s 2 leading heroes, Batman and Superman.

Not to mention some of the lesser known crime-fighters that we can’t help but love such as Captain Compass, Dog Welder and our personal favorite, Arm Fall-Off Boy (we promise they’re not made up).

So if you love DC comics as much as we do, why not showcase your fandom with a Blend Cota canvas depicting the Justice League battling it out at the Gotham Pier.


Shown: Justice League Showdown at Gotham Pier by Blend Cota
Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Or with a portrait of the Last Son of Krypton illustrated by the extraordinarily gifted, Blend Cota. 


Shown: Last Son of Krypton by Blend Cota
Metal Box Art

Regardless of who your favorite superhero is, there’s something for all Superhero lovers at Art of Entertainment. Take a look at our superhero art for yourself!

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