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Barry Sanders Art Collaboration


At Detroit Sports Spectacular on June 8th, Art Brand Studios and Art of Entertainment will be unveiling our first art collaboration with football legend, Barry Sanders! If you can't join us in Detroit, don’t worry – you can reserve yours now! Simply complete the form below, and when we release the painting on 6/8/24, we will contact you to complete your order!


  • As the first to order this Limited Edition Art, you will receive a low certificate number (on a first-come, first-served basis).
  • If you choose the Barry Sanders Edition (BSE) Limited Edition Art, your painting will be signed by Barry Sanders and the artist, and the artist will create an exclusive Barry Sanders sketch on the back of your Limited Edition Canvas. 
  • Please note, this Barry Sanders autograph, artist signature and sketch only applies to Barry Sanders Limited Edition Canvas, not other Limited Edition types or Open Edition Home Decor Formats.
  • No payment is required to make your reservation. It is non-binding, and no payment is required until we contact you to help you place your actual order.


In 1968, a football legend was born. Barry Sanders was one of eleven children in a family who molded him into the quiet and humble man we all admire today. During his early years in football, Barry played defensive back but longed to be a great running back. In his senior year of high school, Barry’s coach moved him from defensive back to running back, and the rest was history. Barry earned All-State honors that year, and in 1986 started college at Oklahoma State University. His 1988 may be the greatest single season in college history. So many of his offensive numbers, and the college football records he set in 1988 still stand today. He was awarded the Heisman Trophy that year. Barry Sanders went on to greatness at the highest level of football and when he retired, Barry continues to excel in his business and personal life.

Art Brand Studios and Art of Entertainment are proud to present Barry Sanders, our first fine art collaboration with this iconic football legend and role model.