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Poison Ivy Art

What you need to grow your DC Comic art collection is Poison Ivy art from a variety of talented pop culture & entertainment artists. Our wall art includes framed prints, canvas, and metal box art. We also have figurines that feature this sultry femme fatale in various unique iterations to make any collector green with envy. 

Bold, Colorful Poison Ivy Artwork

Our collection of Poison Ivy paintings, prints, and Limited Edition wall art are bold, colorful, and exploding with charisma. Some scenes depict the epic DC villain on her own, and others include the Caped Crusader himself as well as scenes from Gotham City.

A Notorious Gotham City Villain

Poison Ivy, AKA Dr. Pamela Isley, is one of the most notorious (and beautiful) supervillains Gotham City has ever contended with because of her total control over plants and her propensity for crime. She is one of Batman's greatest adversaries! Poison Ivy has been described as one of the world’s most formidable eco-terrorists and is a long-standing friend of Harley Quinn

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