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Clogtwo is a Graffiti practitioner and visual engineer, who explores numerous medium that transcends from spray paints to digital media. His body of works focus on intricate mechanical designs and components, merging them into a style he calls, the “MechaSoul”. The “MechaSoul” revolves around the ideology between the psychological bond between mankind and technology.

Clogtwo, with his partner Inkten, also founded The Ink and Clog, the first visual art duo collective, and Utama.Co, an urban art supplies store. Through two decades, his obsession towards creating has taken him onto internationally level in Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America, Mauritius, Australia and the South East Asian Region. Clogtwo has also been commissioned by renowned brands such as, Mercedes-Benz, G-Shock, Google, Adidas, Microsoft, Apple, Converse, MightyJaxx, Oracle Digital Prime and Singapore Tourism Board.

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