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Who's Your Favorite Peter Pan Character?

  • Karen Batista
  • 18 December

For those of us who grew up reading J.M. Barrie’s novel Peter Pan, the world of Neverland lives just a dream away. For fans of Disney, Neverland is coming even closer.

At D23 this past year, it was announced that a new live-action film of the story called Peter Pan & Wendy will hit theaters in 2023. In honor of that, we put together a list of our favorite Peter Pan characters to help old fans and new get reacquainted.

  1. Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up
  2. Tinkerbell, the Tinkerer Fairy of Neverland
  3. Wendy Darling, Mother to the Lost Boys
  4. Captain Hook, The Neverland Nemesis
  5. The Mermaids of Mermaids’ Lagoon

1. Peter Pan, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

It’s challenging to have a story about a boy who wouldn’t grow up without said boy, so of course, Peter Pan lands on this list. He might also be called “the leader of the lost boys” or “the boy who could fly.”

Of the many memorable moments in the story, our favorite is when Wendy sews his shadow back on after it becomes unattached. It’s a scene that artist Heather Edwards portrays so beautifully in her painting Sewn to his Shadow.

2. Tinkerbell, The Tinkerer of Neverland

Who could forget that glowing magical fairy, Tinkerbell? Tink got her name because she was a mender of kettles and pots in Barrie's original story – a literal tinkerer.

Nowadays, her happy countenance graces everything from T-shirts to Peter Pan wall art, showing how enduringly popular this literary character remains, more than 100 years after she hatched from J.M. Barrie’s imagination.

3. Wendy Darling, Mother To The Lost Boys

Wendy Darling plays a pivotal role in Barrie’s book. At the outset of the story, she does not want to grow up, making her an excellent playmate for Peter in his adventures.

Some of our favorite scenes in the book center around Peter and Wendy flying through the skies, a bit of imagery captured beautifully in Disney art pieces like Disney Peter Pan's Never Land by Thomas Kinkade Studios®.

4. Captain Hook, Peter’s Neverland Nemesis

Every good hero needs a nemesis; for Peter, that’s Captain James Hook. As the captain of the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook floats around the seven seas of Neverland, generally looking to cause trouble for Peter and the gang. Unfortunately, he’s only slowed down by the pesky crocodile that ate his hand.

5. The Mermaids of Mermaids’ Lagoon

Whether in a tale about a lost boy who could fly or in a picture hanging on our walls, mermaids are enchanting creatures. In J.M. Barrie’s account, they’re both beautiful and mischievous, adding a new dimension to the story. Through the mermaids, we understand that beauty doesn’t always equal better.

Enjoy Artwork Featuring The Best Characters in Peter Pan

When it was announced at D23 that a new live-action version of the story of Peter and Wendy would hit theaters in 2023, fans of both Disney and J.M. Barrie’s book rejoiced! It’s an opportunity for them to see new iterations of some of the most beloved literary characters of all time.

If you’d like to recapture your youthful magic of Peter's, consider adding some Disney home decor to your space.

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