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Guy Hobbs - From Wildlife Art to Batman!

  • Aidan Bradshaw
  • 17 September

by Aidan Bradshaw

Traditionally a wildlife artist, Guy Hobbs is a completely self-taught artist who has taken the plunge into super hero fine art. He has had a passion for Sci-Fi and Fantasy and a love for comics and graphic novels since he was young.

Not only is Hobbs a ‘bird nerd,’ he is also a self-confessed Batman nerd. Guy Hobbs paints officially licenced art for DC. He explains to his followers on Facebook, “this was an exciting opportunity and a new challenge.” He learned how to transfer his style to a completely different subject matter, differing from his traditional wildlife depictions by learning a completely new media.

Hobbs uses conventional techniques in the digital media world, allowing him to become bold and adventurous in both the color and composition - perfectly suited to the depiction of super heroes and villains! This can be displayed in his stunning illustrations of The Joker, Scarecrow, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Guy Hobbs is a British born artist who has won numerous prestigious awards for his beautiful compositional artwork. For the majority of his career, he had an established agency in the field of graphic design and illustration in England. He has continuously developed his skills and has subsequently pursued this as a full-time career. Since committing to this principle, he hasn’t looked back and believes he has the best job in the world!

Hobbs has showcased his love for DC artwork through his interpretation of Batman and taught himself a completely new media. The multi tonal features used perfectly depict the mysterious and heroic nature of Batman - businessman by day, super hero by night!

Not only did Guy Hobbs create a beautiful composition of the Batman, his most recent graphics of the Scarecrow and The Joker are utterly fantastic. The misty haze in the background to represent the green smoke and the fear toxin that the Scarecrow releases against his victims is so cleverly incorporated. Alternatively, the mottled black background highlights the bright colors of The Joker. It could also be interpreted that the black smoky background could represent his dark past. There is no doubt that this skilled wildlife artist has found a new media that is all encompassing of new talents and combinations that he has fallen in love with.

Throughout his DC artwork, he uses a watercolor smoke-like effect to enhance the colors used to detail the characters rather than simply designing their features onto the background of a plain white canvas. If you’re looking for a colorful comic-like design, then take a peek at Hobbs' creation of Wonder Woman. This design has detailed embellishments of the classic design with a twist from Hobbs’ own interpretation.

Find out more about Guy Hobbs artwork! For all your Disney and DC artwork be sure to check out Art of Entertainment - just like super heroes we have wonderful artists with incredible super powers!

BATMAN and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. (s21)

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