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Fan Favorite Mandalorian Characters

  • Karen Batista
  • 29 August

Whether you’re a devout Star Wars fan who has memorized all of the lore or simply a casual viewer who is deeply obsessed with the “baby Yoda” memes, Art of Entertainment has a carefully-curated assortment of Mandalorian Artwork seasons 1 and 2  available for order nationwide.

Our selection features numerous iconic scenes from the beloved television series available for purchase in your choice of medium.

Must-Have Canvas Prints For Mandalorian Fans

Turning Point

After an intense battle and the help of an unlikely ally, the Mandalorian has finally located his precious bounty. Little did he know that the treasure he fought tooth and nail to obtain was nothing more than a small child of unknown origin.

Now Mando has to make the first in a series of difficult life-or-death decisions that will change his fate and many others. This painting depicts that defining moment when the battle-hardened mercenary extends his hand to the tiny infant in front of him and chooses life.

A New Direction

In this captivating piece, Mando and Grogu’s arduous path again changes direction after being saved by Clan Kryze and learning more about the Mandolorian’s veiled past from the clan leader.

The image of little Grogu resting safely in Mando’s protective arms juxtaposes nicely with the intense explosion directly behind them.

The Mudhorn

This powerful painting immortalizes Mando’s legendary battle with the mighty Mudhorn. Facing certain death, our favorite mercenary stands courageously before the fearsome beast, but he realizes how much power his bounty holds and unexpectedly defeats the terrifying Mudhorn.

Exhausted from the fierce battle, he and young Grogu will continue their death-defying journey with a newfound sense of hope and courage.


This stunning work of art inspired by Mandalorian season 2 depicts our favorite warrior passing Grogu over to Ahsoka in the middle of the night. Although she declines Mando’s multiple requests to train The Child, she ultimately advises them to pay a visit to the ancient seeing stone in Tython.

The beautiful and eerie background depicting a full moon and withered, lifeless trees creates a dramatic mood that heightens the emotions the three characters display.

Two For The Road

This heartfelt Monty Moore painting features the fan-favorite iconic duo of Mando and The Child gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. The scene depicts how the “lone wolf” and “cub” have formed such a deep bond that they’re almost like a father and son.

Whether you order a printed copy or even decide to invest in the original, this Mandalorian wall art is a must-have.

Fan-Favorite Mandalorian Art Shipped Nationwide

At Art of Entertainment, we sell art depicting your favorite Mandalorian characters in various media, depending on your style and budget. From metal box art and canvas classics to limited-edition paper prints and original acrylic and oil paintings, we have many options!

Please browse our extensive Star Wars art collection today to find something that speaks to you.

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