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Art of Entertainment - Limited Edition Art is The Cat’s Meow

  • Aidan Bradshaw
  • 09 February

by Charlotte Naylor

What exactly is Limited Edition? 

Simply put, Limited Edition art means that there will only ever be a certain number of prints produced of that specific piece and once they’re sold, there won’t be any more available. Purchasing Limited Editions means you have access to a solely unique and special piece of art that only you and a few others - if any - have access to. 

Indeed, Limited Edition art comes from a small run of individually numbered reproductions. Given their sparsity, limited edition pieces are the perfect collective item to manifest over. 

Whether you opt for Limited Edition paper pieces, printed on premium heavyweight archival paper with super fade-resistant inks, or alternately choose a canvas that beautifully intertwines the finest materials and hand-highlights by skillful artists - each piece is guaranteed to present a true to life piece of art that embodies the artist’s original in the most realistic way. 

The Purr-fect Aristocats Limited Edition Painting

Shown above: Aristocats - Love Under the Moon (Limited Edition Canvas)

Thomas Kinkade Studios - the Atelier studio responsible for this piece - is an American painter of popular realistic, pastoral and idyllic subjects and has dedicated much of his life to generating pieces of art that depict simple pleasures and inspirational messages. 

Tom is a passionate advocate of all things Limited Edition, articulating that they not only emblematize the original painting in the best way possible manner, but that they also stand the test of time. 

His studio’s latest Limited Edition art (as seen above) takes you on an adventure through Paris, the city of love, purr-fectly depicting the magic of this iconic location and the enchantment of Dutchess and Thomas O’Malley enjoying a beautiful moon-lit evening amidst their family, friends and the Eiffel Tower.

The Limited Edition painting also poignantly portrays the hopeless romantic Marie, along with her brothers Berlioz and Toulouse, quietly watching the night play out on the windowsill in such a life-like manner; fitting given that the film is based on a real family of cats that inherited a fortune back in 1910!!!

Art of Entertainment Limited Edition 

Art of Entertainment carries the Standard Numbered (SN) Edition with each Limited Edition piece, which comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. All of our Limited Edition art maintains the highest quality materials and reproduction techniques, providing the closest match to the artist’s original. They are printed on premium paper or canvas with high-resolution inkjet Giclée printers and have a variety of frame choices to choose from.


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-Art of Entertainment

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